♡ High-Quality & Ethically Sourced

Stone Orchard Jewelry is artisan jewelry that is handmade with mostly raw gemstones, organic textures, and handwrought fine metals. Each stone is mindfully selected and each piece is skillfully handcrafted to create intriguing pieces that captivate a room with their timeless, rare earthy beauty.

♡ Custom Birthstone Jewelry

Rock your soul with personalized birthstone jewelry that celebrates the people and moments in life you treasure the most!

♡ Perfectly Imperfect

Captivating asymmetrical shapes. Fascinating inclusions. Distinctive fissures. Enchanting Irregularities. We choose to use stones from the earth because we truly love the untamed, rare beauty created by natural processes.

♡ Unique Engagement Rings

Our specialty is creating custom engagement rings featuring earthy designs with minimalist style and rustic elegance.

♡ Handmade with Love Art

We source our stones from carefully selected suppliers all around the world. After finding the prettiest stones, we set them on solid gold, gold-filled and sterling silver bands and chains (based on your selected preference). In order to create jewelry with raw stones, each piece is handmade with love using a combination of silversmithing and electroforming techniques. The combination of these processes takes extensive time and dedication, but are worth the wait! We focus on providing unmatched creativity, passion, and attention to detail while creating every piece of Stone Orchard's unique jewelry.

♡ About The Artist

Hi! I'm Jen, the artist creating all of your raw crystal jewelry by hand :) Oh, and I'm an Iraq war veteran. And a military spouse. And a female small business owner. And a nature lover. And a rolling stone who has traveled the world.

I love to adventure and explore and seek out all things interesting and beautifully unconventional in this life.

I've jumped out of planes with a rucksack strapped to my hips and a M4 strapped to my side; I've ridden my bicycle with my hubby through quiet French farmlands; I've taken underwater photos while scuba diving in the Caribbean; I've hiked lush gorges in Greece; I've ridden my motorcycle along North Carolina's coast, and I've eaten Kimbap on a mountain cliff in South Korea.

I've found so much beauty in the world and the wild and I strive to capture those influences in my designs.

♡ How I got Started... While living in Germany, my husband asked me to start a hobby with him during the Covid lockdown- which is when I began my jewelry making journey. It was a hobby that quickly became an obsession. After two years, I decided to leave my job as a military logistics planner to pursue my art full-time (total 180, I know.) We now live in Enchanting New Mexico and I am so inspired by all the creative vibes in this city!


Thanks for checking out my lil shop! xoxo Jen ❀